Shrink Preformed Band








Product Description
Shrink Performed Bands are also known as Neck Bands, Cut Bands, Seamless Bands for all the tamper-evident applications.

Shrink Performed Bands can be placed over packages to seal and provide tamper evidence for the products. It is manually applied around the neck, cap, or cover lid on a bottle or a container. The shrink bands are performed to fit the products and can be used to provide a secure seal for many shapes of containers and bottles.

Normally, the neck bands use the PVC shrink sleeve at 50 Micron thickness. After forming the shrink bands, it improves the speed and accuracy.

Shrink performed bands are able to use transparent shrink sleeve and also the printed shrink film with the tear line.
1. Tamper-evident protection.
2. Seamed, seamless (extruded), and perforations including a T-perf, horizontal, vertical.
3. Available in Roll Stock Film for automated machinery or individual Cut Bands for manual applications
4. 360-degree coverage colorful printing and eye-catching designs.
5. Customized printing for enhancing brand identity.
6. Waterproof, and dust-proof completely protect the products against any damage.
7. Defect ratio will be reduced and the production efficiency will be improved.
All kinds of material containers (bottles, cans) with the sealing cap are applicable, especially the wine and other bottled drinks. Apart from this, the neck bands can be used in food and beverage industry, pharmaceutical and medical products, such as cosmetics.
Applicable material