Shrink Bag

Curved Bottom Bag with Horizontal Perforation Line

Curved Bottom Bag fits the shape of the products with only one-side opening. The label can be tear easily by horizontal perforation line.

Curved Bottom Bag with T Perforation Line

Curved Bottom Bag fits the products perfectly and can be easily removed by T perforation line.
Product Description
Shrink bags can be customized by clients’ demand and select the appropriate materials and thickness to cut the different shaped of shrink bags. These bags include different radians and easy to use in a variety of containers.

Shrink bags can customize the printing and can be made from the tube shrink film. Shrink bags can also be combined with different forms of tear lines, which makes it easy to tear the packaging.
1. Cost effective. It can replace multiple bottle stickers and reduce packaging.
2. Combine with the bottle, including the tear line. After tearing the bottle, it can retain the body label of the bottle.
3. Waterproof and dust-proof completely protect the products against any damage.
4. Tamper-evident to ensure the goods quality.
5. Fully demonstrate the products characteristics after shrinking.
6. Color Printing to increase the product texture and brand image.
Textile bundle packaging, soy sauce, steak sauce or any other types of oil, food sauces. Also the coffee bags, tea bags, and all kinds of bottles and containers for multi-products packaging.
Applicable material