OPP Wrap Around Label

Product Description
OPP wrap around labels offer fast and efficient production facility to our customers with high volume, high speed labeling requirements.

They are widely used in single-serving beverages such as soft drinks and water bottle labels. It is the most cost effective solution for customers as the volumes are high. Compare to paper labels, OPP labels, OPP wrap around labels are highly resistant to water.

OPP wrap around labels combine benefits of traditional shrink sleeve labels with the benefits of OPP roll fed labels. CHFA provides a unique wrap around that can be fit to conform to your bottles design. We offer our custom printing by approved artwork design from clients. Products are delivered to customers in requested amounts in rolls.
1. High efficiency labelling work with the high-speed production line.
2. 360-degree label coverage to increase the product value.
3. Laminated or Monolayer for even greater cost saving.
4. High Transparency and high Tensile Strength.
5. Oil resistance and moisture resistance.
6. Reduced weight and thickness without affecting strength.
7. Full body wraparound labeling for packaging, beverages and plastic bottle application.
OPP wrap around labels can be applied in any bottled packaging, including coke, sprite, water, drinks, coffee, oil, juice, milk and so on.
Applicable material
OPP, Pearl film。