POF Polyolefin Film

Product Description
POF Polyolefin Film is a Toxic Free shrink film, also known as shrink wrap film. These shrink films have the properties of a high level of protection from the environment, pound endurance, tear resistance. With quick shrink, good seal strength and over 70% shrinkage, POF film can solve nearly all shrinking difficulties. POF film has excellent low shrink temperature property, low shrink force function and good hot slit property. These POF shrink films are available in a different range of thicknesses as per the requirements of the clients.

The polyolefin films come with a superior level of machine capacity, highly versatile, high tensile strength and excellent merchandising appeal. These products are made using state of art technology and they are made using the best quality of the raw materials available in the market. They have the added qualities of a high level of flexibility and they are also abrasion resistant in nature.

By adopting automatic and semi-automatic machines, it reduces cost. Our strict QC team produces high quality films in its luminosity, transparence, completely hermetic, anti-humidity, and anti-dust to help efficiently improve merchandises’ value.
1. Great Clarity.
2. Color printing to increase the advertise effect of product.
3. Water-proof, dust proof, and good insulation.
4. Compliant to FDA Standards, non-toxic environmental protection requirements.
5. High heat-sealing properties, anti-static, and excellent cold resistance.
6. The vertical and horizontal shrinkage are higher than 70%, which can be package both regular and irregular shapes of container.
7. Using automatic and semi-automatic machines to enhance the efficiency.
The POF Polyolefin film can be used for the purpose of packing the irregular and the regular shaped products which include the books, magazines, toys, soap, boxes, cups, record, hardware, cosmetics, candies, chocolates, video tapes, sport equipment, pesticides, food and a variety of other products as per the choice of the clients.
Applicable material
POF Film。